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Software for
marketing agencies
and managers

Save time and money. We make life easier for agencies

SaaS, comprehensive communication platform, campaign management, reporting, no-code site creation and much more with the best artificial intelligence.🔥🔥 

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Possible deals in one place

Receive commercial opportunities in your CRM, filter and keep track of how each one progresses. 

1. Brands complete the form and you receive the responses in your CRM.
2. Invite profiles to participate in the campaign
3.Manage the end-to-end campaign


Statistics of creators, posts and analysis of results with artificial intelligence in real time

❌ Forget about manually updating data to be able to present reports to your clients

✅ Observe the performance of the campaign in real time

✅ Access real creator statistics 

✅ Share reports to your clients

Reports - Blind Creator campaign stats
Discover profiles creators detail Blind Creator
Discover Blind Creator profiles

Discover new profiles with AI

Apply filters and search profiles around the world to find those that meet your requirements

Create sites

You can create and manage sites no-code for all types of use

❌ Forget about using other platforms and having to replicate information in different places

✅ Create your roster and sites to present your creators

✅ Create sites to invite creators to participate in campaigns

✅ Create sites for brands that request it

Roster managers Blind Creator
Sites for agency creators and managers Blind Creator

Who is the software designed for?

Blind Creator is designed to:


.> Marketing agencies that have from 5 members

> Managers who manage at least 5 content creators

Our time on Shark Tank Mexico 🔥🦈🦈

Outstanding partners

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Alejandra Ríos


Brian Requarth


Amador holdings 

Backed by giants

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