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Features and services


Campaign Posts

Brands or companies that have active searches for profiles publish offers, which specify the type of payment, description of the campaign and social networks involved.

As a content creator you can apply to offers that generate greater interest and convenience. 


Content creator profiles

Content creator profiles show the content, experience, topics of interest, hobbies, and general and specific metrics of each user.


It allows you to show each social network, statistics for each one, and mark content as favorites.  


Digital wallet

It allows access to the general balance of each user, evaluating performance and profits according to periods, allowing that amount to be transferred to any bank account, in any currency. 

The brand sends the corresponding payments for each action, without problems. The content creator accesses their earnings simply and securely.


Brand profiles

Similar to the content creator, the brand allows you to offer general information about the products or services you offer, the values you want to transmit, the themes and social networks of interest for your campaigns. 

Allows simple access to all the offers that the brand created and can be applied quickly


End-to-end consulting

We accompany both the content creator and the brand, in every step they need. From advice on how to efficiently look and complete your profiles, how to create clear and transparent offers, and how to strategically apply to them. 

Everyone can win, and we make sure of that, honestly and transparently.



We can help filter offers and applications, as appropriate, for those profiles that receive too many messages or requests for action. 

In this way we collaborate in making decisions to achieve the proposed objectives. The important thing is to connect the ideal profiles with the brands that best match them.


Sentiment analysis report

Our AI sentiment analysis functionality provides a deep understanding of audience reactions and responses. This innovative tool uses advanced algorithms to analyze the tone and emotion behind user comments and interactions.


This allows you to have a clear view of how your target audience perceives your campaigns and helps you make informed decisions to improve your marketing strategies.


Lead Hunting

Our Lead Hunting service with artificial intelligence is a powerful tool to find potential clients on social networks.


Using advanced algorithms, it analyzes behavior patterns, interests and demographics to identify those users who are most likely to be interested in your products or services. This way, you can target your marketing efforts more effectively, ensuring your messages reach those who are most likely to become customers.

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